Hello everyone out there in Cyberspace!

      My name is Frank Jesko and welcome to my Website! I am providing a service for anyone who needs assistance with their Desktop or Laptop. Many people out there are in need of help with their computers but are at a loss on where to go! This is where I come in, my rates are reasonable compared to the industry of repairing computers. For instance, in Manhattan, New York, the going rate for this particular service is $175.00 an hour. Now that's steep, but I know what you're thinking. I'm not in New York. But feel free to check around. I have one of the least expensive rates in Colorado if not the least expensive of them all.

Now, I'm sure you would like to know more about who I am and what kind of experience I have. Well, I was born in a little town in France called Deol. I myself have not been there since. But I grew up in the North Side of Chicago from the age of 1 year. Then at 17 years of age, I joined the Marine Corps and attained the rank of Seargent after four years of honorable service. My State of residency since then has been Colorado. But I had a little of the vagabond in me, so I set afooting. I have lived in quite a few major cities throughout the United States but eventually the bug wore off. I finally did settle in Colorado and now reside permanently in the city of Wheat Ridge.

Now we get to the part of how I attained the experience of repairing computers. Since 1995, my first exposure to computers came to me as I worked for several contracting firms that would place me in positions where I could learn and attain experience in the field of computers, especially the technical side of it. I would help people over the phone on how to navigate on the internet using a browser such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. From there I would work at some companies such as IBM as a Computer Help Desk Analyst assisting others in technical issues such as remote access, TCP/IP, Networking, etc. I aslo attended Red Rocks Community College for two years taking courses in Graphic Arts and Web Design using programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator. I have been always tinkering with computers by troubleshooting and repairing my own at first and learning first hand about the technical side of them. I am constantly improving my knownledge in this area by reading the latest PC magazine or searching the web for an answer to a new problem.

So there you have it in a nutshell.